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    It is seemingly obvious that good sleep is beneficial to our health. Even without completely grasping the benefits we can gain from sleep, we are aware that consistent lack of sleep makes us feel dreadful. Conversely, getting a good, restful night’s sleep makes us feel prepared to take on the responsibilities of each day.

    It is a fact that restful sleep will make you feel better; however, its significance goes far beyond simply boosting your mood or eliminating under-eye circles. A sufficient amount of sleep is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle. In addition, it can benefit your weight, heart, mind and so much more.

    Scientists have conducted intensive research to get a better understanding of the benefits of sleep. Studies carried out on humans and other animals have revealed that sleep plays a crucial role in vital functions like metabolism, immune function, learning, and memory.

    The Role of Your Mattress in How You Sleep

    One-third of each day is spent in bed; whether you spend that time sleeping blissfully or you toss and turn all night largely depends on your mattress. Your sleep can be greatly impacted by your mattress. Among the ways in which your sleep is affected by your mattress is directly related to your capillaries, which are a system of fine blood vessels beneath your skin.

    Laying on any body part for an extended period causes the pressure of the weight to reduce blood flow through those blood vessels. This causes the skin to be deprived of nutrients and oxygen. This results in pain sensors and nerve cells in the skin sending your brain a message for you to roll over. Although this restores blood flow, it also disrupts your sleep. Ideally, mattresses that reduce pressure points on your body ought to provide a better night’s sleep. However, the ‘ideal mattress’ will be a different thing for each individual.

    Assessing Your Sleep Situation

    If you bought your mattress over 10 years ago, it is highly likely that it has started to break down. Additionally, if your mattress is loaded with spring, the tiniest bit of wear and tear could have a huge impact. Therefore, those types of mattresses should be replaced as soon as possible. Foam mattresses have thousands of little air bubbles within the layers, which make them more forgiving. This is because they have the capacity to adjust to your body pressure, whether you move around during the night or remain in one position.

    The ‘Right’ Mattress for You

    The search for the right mattress is not about spending the most money or seeking out the most high-tech brand. A very costly mattress does not necessarily mean it is more superior to a less expensive brand. An expensive mattress is a product of the marketing used to sell it and the materials used.

    Rather than mainly focusing on brand name and cost, carefully consider how you want your mattress to work for you. Choosing a mattress is quite personal. There are individuals who prefer a softer mattress, while others prefer a firmer one.

    There is not much scientific evidence to show that one kind of mattress will assist you in sleeping better than another. However, individuals afflicted with particular medical conditions seemingly rest easier on a certain style of mattress.

    Individuals with neck or back pain should go for a mattress that is not too soft and not too hard. An excessively soft mattress will cause you to sink and one that’s too hard will place negative pressure on your shoulders, your sacrum and the back of your head. A medium-firm mattress or one that is firm with a softer pillow top can provide your spine with the right amount of balance for optimal support and cushion.

    Adjustable beds could be an ideal choice for those who need their heads elevated while they sleep. Many doctors recommend that individuals with respiratory problems should elevate their head to help make breathing easier or to stop nighttime heartburn. Additionally, adjustable beds can enable you to adjust your hips and knees to a 90-degree angle, relieving pressure on sore joints.

    ‘Test Driving’ Your Mattress

    If you are considering a new mattress, you should definitely take it for a ‘test nap.’ You should boldly go into the store and try several mattresses. When you have narrowed down the search, lay on each mattress for about 20 minutes. The one you ultimately choose should feel comfortable in each position, particularly the side you prefer to sleep on. It should provide support where it is needed, without putting your body under too much pressure.

    Sleeping on the right mattress will tremendously enhance the quality of your sleep. With a coupon for Nolah Mattress or one from the Nectar Mattress Coupon website, you can start the process of improving your sleep and your overall health.

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