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    Work Quickly To Win Your Ex Back Before Valentine’s Day

    It’s currently the new year, and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. It’s time to win your ex back quickly so that you can get back to your relationship. If you’re reading this at a later date, then work from the same time frame. It can seem difficult to know how to win an ex back because relationships can be complicated of course. You’re going to have to be selfless, and you’re going to have to examine everything on your end that you can do differently.

    Relationships require two people of course, and so both people are responsible for coming back together. If you’re with a person that isn’t good for you, then you shouldn’t even be trying. If you are missing your true love, then you have to do everything you can and then leave the rest to them. It’s like the old saying ‘let the chips fall where they may.’

    Magic of Making UpYou may have heard another saying about if you love someone set them free. If they come back to you, then it is meant to be. Well, that is true when you have to let someone go. However, it is sometimes up to you to make the moves to win back your ex. If you need a good movie for an incentive, I suggest the movie Fireproof.

    These days it can seem much easier to subtly communicate than it used to be. If you wanted to win your ex back in the old days, you had to physically visit them or maybe call them. Nowadays, a simple text or message on social media can sometimes open up the line of communication. People feel more at ease communicating this way, so you might find out that the individual is willing to talk. You do have to watch, however, as it can be viewed as a lame attempt to reach out if nothing else is being done to counteract whatever has happened with the relationship to make it go south.

    If you move too quickly, then you’re going to seem desperate, perhaps even possessive. You want to make the right moves, with love and the steps need to be selfless. It’s not about you. You want to be with the person that you were in a relationship with, so you have to make it about them.

    Sometimes you will know what mode of communication to use, yet your mind wants you to think differently. You might be scared, or you might not know exactly what to say. What you need to do is listen to your heart. Is your heart telling you it’s time to make a phone call? If you call your ex and he or she doesn’t answer, then you’re able to leave a message at least.

    People like to know that they are missed and loved. You don’t just use these words to convey your feelings, however, as actions speak louder than words. In other words, you can say you love and miss your ex, but you need to do things to show him or her that is how you feel.

    When a relationship fails, there is blame on both sides. Even if the blame is truly on the other side more than yours, you need to set your feelings aside for a moment to come clean and meet in the middle. Even if it takes time, your ex might meet you in the middle, too.

    Some people find this difficult to do if they are hurt, and their ex won’t own up to their part of the blame. However, this can require a process as people need to think things through, reconnect so to speak and then they start opening up again. In other words, you make the first move, and then you might find your ex doing the same.

    While only sending flowers might not be the best idea, you do want to show your romantic side as you’re telling your ex that you love him or her and want to be back in a relationship. Be persistent, yet remember not to move too fast. If you genuinely show your ex that you want him or her back, then you’ve done everything you can.

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