• How To Choose The Best Antivirus Software?

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    May 1, 2017 /  General Info

    The Internet connects you to the rest of the world. You store your data on it and send emails through it. You transfer money and invest in mutual funds using it. Well, when so much is at stake, why not use the best of the securities available on the market? This is where antivirus software comes into play. In a brick and mortar setup, you have the locks, burglar’s alarms, security guards and the police to protect you and your assets. However, on the internet, this job can be done only by the best antivirus software. To know more about the top software available on the market, you can visit best10antivirussoftware.com.

    Types of viruses
    Viruses are of different types. They can pose different levels of threats. They may be extremely dangerous or simply annoying depending on their type. The dangerous type may steal information from your computer and may even lock you out. On the other hand, the annoying type may simply open pop-ups to interrupt your work. If you take adequate precaution, you can prevent all these problems from affecting your computer.

    Why install third party software?
    Though most of the operating systems have their own protection software, it is highly advisable that you purchase and install third-party antivirus software to stay safe. The protection offered by the software that comes with operating systems is basic and is rarely updated to match threats generated on the internet every day. The third-party software is designed by dedicated companies whose business depends on providing the best protection to the users.

    There are many companies which claim of producing the best antivirus software. If you are having a tough time choosing one that fulfills your requirements, here are a few features of the top antivirus software:

    • It should be easy to install. Not all of us are techies or geeks. Most of us are naïve users who know just the basics of the computers. For these reasons, you should prefer a software that installs in one click. It should certainly have advanced options for customization, but it should have a one-click installation option as well.
    • There should be around the clock support service which responds to your calls. If you face any problem with the software, you should be able to get a solution right away. Live chat is another way of communicating with the company. In fact, most of the users prefer the live chat option. This option is generally available on the company’s website.
    • The software should come in different packages.
    • It should be reasonably priced.
    • The protection software should work on various operating systems. You should be able to use the antivirus software even if you choose to install a different operating system on your computer.
    • It should be effective. The software should effectively block spyware, malware, and other types of threats. It should detect any type of virus that has come to your computer through the internet or through devices connected to it. It should scan your emails, USBs, and files downloaded or transferred to your computer through any means.
    • The software should not consume much space on your system. If the antivirus software takes up much space, it would slowdown other programs on your computer. This would result in decreased productivity. Thus, it is better that the antivirus software you buy consumes as little space as possible.
    • The software should be up to date with the latest tools and applications. It should have an auto-update option so that you don’t have to worry about updating it. Since new viruses and threats are regularly invented by hackers, crackers and other people, your antivirus software should be updated to protect your computer from them.

    How do you know your computer is infected?
    When your computer is infected with a virus, it behaves erratically. The virus may switch your computer off, open porn or advertisement websites, delete or remove files, or do things that you have not initiated. Most of the new desktops, laptops, and other devices come equipped with protection software. However, these have their expiry dates and you are required to renew them after a certain time frame. Detailed information about antivirus software is available online.

  • Getting on Board with Que Plix

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    April 15, 2015 /  General Info

    brain-gears-insideHey everyone! Que Plix here with some news about what’s coming up for the foreseeable future! First of all, we have some really cool ideas that you are DEFINITELY going to want to be part of! We’re not really into current events or news so much since most of that is pretty much a bummer these days, and anyways, you can get as much of that stuff as you want on the news channels. So, what we are going to be looking at are some new deals for the things that we really dig – and of course you will all find that out soon enough, right? What we will not be jiving with, however, is boring data. It just is not our thing.

    I totally get it that some people are way into it, but we’re just going to leave the data stuff to others as well. So, come on board with us as we begin to shift gears in a big way towards things that we personally feel are a little more interesting! See ya again soon.